Toma Still Life

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Working on this painting for a few months and I am almost finished with the last few brush strokes.   This subject matter is important to me as I have always admired the way the African made objects are  both figurative and abstract and often the human form is recast into geometric shapes.  I appreciate the arts of Africa as it has expanded our apprciation of it's language and tradition as well as it's creativity.

European Landscape

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This scene is a compliation of many landscape photos taken on my trips to European countries.  It reminds me of the good times I had roaming around the countryside and catching glimpses of homes or farms on the hillside sounded by mountains.  

Color litho prints

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Learning to make colored editions of my litho prints.  So many options, so many decisions and so much fun.

New Lithography class

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Finally came back to work after a summer hiatus and am ready to create new images on lithography plates.  Very excited to be back at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking where some very famous artists are showing their works as having printed there as well.  Beautiful prints by Jim Dine, Helen Frankenthaler and other well-know artists.  Here is my latest print.

Last Day of Litho Class

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Everyone celebrated the last day of class with champagne and a critique.  It was so interesting to hear what the other artists said about their own work as well as that of the other students. We visited other art departments and I was astounded by the professional handling of materials and the creative imagery of the students.  This was a very satisfying and enlightening experience. Here is the results of my efforts, Buddah Head, plate lithography.

Start the New Year 2015

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Reaching to find tools for new inspiration in 2015.  Even decided to go back to school to pick up new techniques in printmaking.  I'm not giving up!

SOLO SHOW - Nov 27 - Dec 14, 2014

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Studio time

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Spending time in my studio, trying to finish my series of small paintings to be exhibited at the Piermont Flywheel Gallery in November.  Wish me luck.

Brooklyn Neighborhood - Oil Painting

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Walking in my childhood neighborhood down the same street every day, I imaged how different it could be if the trees were red and the houses were transformed into odd shapes.  This would be the beginning of a story as you walked down the path to an unknown destiny.

Ida's Sewing Table

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One of the last memories I have of my mother, Ida is a table covered with many cloths.  Cut out patches she called "jimjigs" and a sewing box filled with lots of colored spools of thread were everywhere. These were her offerings to the charities she supported.