Rachele Unter started to paint when she was 9- years-old.  and continued to study art and art history throughout high school. In 1977, with 3 small children at home, Ms. Unter got my B.F.A. degree at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey. Throughout her career, she studied with many artists of renown, such as Ad Reinhardt, Lillian Orlowsky (a desciple of Hans Hoffman) Master Printmaker Roberto DeLamonica, as well as painting with Bruce Dorfman.


I look to nature for inspiration for my art since nature is the best creator and I am only an imitator of natural things – the plants, vegetables, and flowers that I grow in my backyard – and use them as subjects or objects to reflect my artistic ideas. Gardening has allowed me to connect with the most elemental life force. What comes alive through flowers and plants and fruit is the deepest kind of “alive” and my ability to print and paint “aliveness” is a gift that I am grateful for. This gift allows me to express myself emotionally and spiritually and despite the fact that I have been doing this for many years, I always feel as though I am still finding my way to the heart of my feelings.
I throw myself into the wild dance of art, searching for a deeper sense, and trying to see into the nature of things both physical and imaginary. I gaze at the object which is the subject if a work, but I also look beyond the “object” and contemplate what it means in my life and how best to represent that meaning.